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Ujaagar Art Exhibition

15 Oct 2019 - 21 Oct 2019


A seven-day art exhibition bringing together professional and upcoming artists under the same roof through interactive workshops, talk sessions, and art demonstrations.

Sculpting Demonstration by Mr. Mukesh Puro

Mr. Mukesh Puro is a renowned sculptor and educator from Mumbai with a teaching experience of over three decades. He gave the audience a demonstration of his portrait sculpting skills which was a thrilling sight to witness!

Creative Poetry by Ms. Hema Koppikar, Ms. Aashna Peerzada and Ms. Nita Khanna

The aim of the event was to bring together art and poetry despite the differences in languages and cultures. Our three readers beautifully accomplished it as they walked the audience through soulful poems in English (Ms.Hema Koppikar), French (Ms.Aashna Peerzada), Hindi and Marathi (Ms.Nita Khanna). 

Art Walk with Ms. Hema Koppikar

Ms. Hema Koppikar talked to the audience on a tour through the gallery to admire all the beautiful art on display and to also understand the vision of the artist.  

Portrait Demonstration by Mr. Abhijeet Patole

Mr. Abhijeet Patole, an emerging artist who’s skilled in portraiture gave the art lovers a portrait demonstration. He skillfully painted the subject across the canvas and it was a delight observing him work through each layer. 

An Evening of Classical Music by Mr. Aaditya Hingoo

Mr. Aaditya Hingoo, a young and talented musician enamored the listeners with his sitar and vocals. The audience created art in response to his soft, harmonious and beautiful music which brought forth really amazing pieces. 

Mobile Filmmaking by Mr. Gaurav Narale

Mr. Gaurav Narale designed the workshop for beginners who wanted to learn filmmaking basics and create video content. For the event he had set up practical exercises covering all aspects of filming and editing with a mobile app.

Artist Talk “Portraiture Architecture” by Mr. Pratap Morey

Mr. Pratap Morey spent the day taking audience down the path of portraiture architecture and getting into depth of its basics, structure and its sheer architecture. It was a very enlightening day with him and he made sure the audience was glued to their seats till the end.

Talk on Art Schools by Mr. Caran Arora – RED PEN

Mr. Caran Arora from RED PEN talked to the aspiring students about art schools and the opportunities that they come with in the 21st century. He discussed with the audience the various undergraduate options globally and their requirements, liberal arts options in India and ways to build one’s profile towards being a competitive applicant in 2020.

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  • Date: 15 Oct 2019 - 21 Oct 2019
  • Location:Artists Centre, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
  • Curators:Dheer Jain
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