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Ujaagar Art Auction

The Ujaagar Art Auction was an initiative to bring forth amazing artistic talents on stage and present them to the world along with contributing to the society. Students from municipal schools were also invited to the auction and they were immensely thrilled and entertained throughout the evening. The auction was a part of the major event wherein Dheer Jain showcased 17 artworks, all of which were sold out.

Three additional paintings were also purchased post the auction. The audience which was comprised of people from various age groups and walks of life, thoroughly enjoyed the evening along with all our special guests who ended the event on a very delightful and heart-warming note. The funds that were raised from the auction not only benefited the artists but were also donated to Kavach Foundation which is one of the very impactful non-profit organizations in Mumbai. We are very proud to have seen such wonderful talents shine upon the stage as well as bringing around a positive change for the needful together with many like-minded people. We hope to put up more such events in the future.

Glimpses of the Auction

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  • Date:
  • Location:Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty, Mumbai
  • Curators:Dheer Jain
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