We aim to connect budding artists with a wider network of art-lovers. Here are the artists that we have promoted individually during the pandemic Offer your support to these artists and uplift them by purchasing their artworks. If you’re an artist, you can also connect with us to promote your art. 


Qureysh Basrai

Mr Qureysh Basrai is a gifted artist who accomplishes stunning results in his paintings without any formal training whatsoever. He’s fond of painting horses and capturing the animal’s magnificence with his brushes. Mr Basrai also takes pride in his love for nature and recreating landscapes across the canvas. His self-taught artistic skills have won him several art awards and exhibitions since a very young age—including having represented India on an international level and bagging the first prize.

Pradeep Swain

Pradeep Swain is an artist from Bhubaneswar, Odisha who specializes in multiple traditional art styles. He loves waters-cape and has an immense fondness for reflections & natural mirrors.

Kosha Shah

Kosha Shah is a fine artist, illustrator and photographer who's been working in the art field since 13 years. She has completed her studies from FIDI, Florence,, 

Harinath Nambhakam

Harinath Nambhakam is a Kalamkari artist from Srikalashti. He has an experience of over 35 years in this art skill. He was awarded by the National Kalidasa Academy, Ujjain in 2018 for his mastery in kalamkari. The paintings have been exhibited in Lepakshihandraft Emporium, Delhi. Harinath's artworks recite stores of god and Mythology and also speak of the Tree of Life.

Tejashri Pawar

Tejashri Pawar is a fine artist who's completed her studies from Kala Vidya Sankul. She's won numerous awards for her pictorial paintings and print making. Her paintings have been displayed at Jehangir Art Gallery, State Art Exhibition and ART FOR HUMANITY to name a few. She also works as an art instructor and inspires art students—especially the Indian youth—to pursue their artistic dreams regardless of the many current societal norms. She believes that changing the mindset of the youth will carve a better future for artists in the coming years.

Kiran Mungekar

Kiran Mungekar is from Pune and has completed her Bachelors in Fine Art Painting in 2020. She works on artistically portraying the dualities of the human nature, behavioural patterns, the social system and raises questions about conscience among others. She expresses the complicated relations between human behaviour and morale through human bodies, organs and the suggestive meaning of forms.

Shubham Kesur

Shubham Kesur is a young artist who has been a part of several solo and group exhibitions at Jehangir Art Gallery, Nehru Center Art Gallery, Oberoi Hotel to name a few. His main source of inspiration is landscape and loves experimenting with multiple mediums including oil, watercolours, oil pastels, acrylics and so on. He finds it of utmost importance to express with art the beauty he sees in the world. Shubham has also won notable awards including Best Portrait of the Year award and has been the winner for on spot landscape painting on a state level at Kala Vidya Sankul Polytechnic among many others.

Vinay Mhatre

Vinay Mhatre is a young artist from Mumbai who also has a career as an art instructor for multiple grades. He's completed his GD Art Drawing and Painting from Karandikar Kala Academy and Diploma in Art Education from JJ School of Art. Hes an imaginative artist from Mumbai who also has won numerous awards for his landscape art, portraits, watercolor art and nature object. Mr. Mhatre has been part of exhibitions at Jehangir Art Gallery, Nehru Centre Gallery and Kala Bhavan among others.

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