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Founded by Dheer Jain, Ujaagar Art’s vision is to emerge as a powerful platform for artists to present their talents to a wider audience and help them develop their identity in the art community. Ujaagar Art is also a vivid space for art lovers to explore and find artworks that connect with them, from a diverse collection.

We have conducted an art auction on a large scale that brought to the spotlight a multitude of artists from distinct backgrounds and skills. Dheer Jain who had hosted the auction sold out all the paintings. The funds raised did not only go to the artists but were also donated to Kavach Foundation, Ekal Nepal and Angel Xpress Foundation. The Ujaagar Exhibition at Artists’ Cente (Kala Ghoda) sought to provide exposure to many upcoming artists. We personally promoted our artists along with their artworks. Several notable guest speakers from various art fields were also invited. Overall, we had received an exhilirating response from the audience.

From the Founder's Desk

What was your inspiration behind Ujaagar Art?

Ujaagar started off with a simple passion. Being exposed to art by family members I always enjoyed it however I knew I wanted to do something more. I noticed that there were many talented artists who needed one more ingredient to their recipe of success – a platform to showcase their skills. With this idea in mind, a basic plan formed into Ujaagar art. 

As a Social Entrepreneur what is your philosophy?

I want to be able to showcase the true talent of artists and let them get the recognition they deserve. Along with this however, more than the artist, the story they bring with them is extremely fascinating too. The Gond artists for example Carry One of India’s most ancient and indigenous art forms which will soon die out if we don’t keep supporting their community. This is one of my aspirations which keeps me motivated to help as much as I can. Further, we also try to use some of the money we get for charitable organisations which need immediate attention. 

How will Ujaagar empower artists?

Ujaagar empowers artists through the way we expose their work, their community and the artists themselves through our platform. We’ve conducted an exhibition and an auction to raise money and awareness for the community. We also create brochures to showcase their work. I think one of the best examples of this was a few months after the auction we met with one of the artists and noticed how his paintings were now priced at a much higher price, proving to me that we did indeed help his career. 

At this age, why are you so driven with social work?

I think any age is a good time to do social activities. I started ujaagar with an idea to help and slowly and steadily it developed into being a social project. Socially helping doesn’t always have to require donating money in my opinion. It can be from feeding stray dogs to teaching a subject. Our society has a lot of aspects which need our attention and I’ve been lucky enough to have the resources to share with my community and do the most I can to help. 

What are your future plans for Ujaagar?

I want to make Ujaagar a platform where we can help all artists thrive to their true potential. A platform where keep buyers can see and buy the work to not only help artists but also raise money for immediate societal issues. I want to uncover more hidden art forms in India and bring those to light, really dig deep in our rich Indian culture.  Ujaagar has been growing since 2 years now and I can’t wait to see how it will be in the coming years.

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Tribal Artworks

The Gondwana Art Project is a social initiative by CCDF in collaboration with Ujaagar Art. The project is supporting the Indian tribal artisans who have been severely affected by the pandemic. All funds donated against each painting are used for the betterment of these artisans and their families. Artists: Suresh Kumar, Anita Shyam, Jyoti Uikey, Yaspal, Rita Shyam and Chotti Tekam

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